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Seeking Market Manager

We are seeking someone with great organizational and communication skills to handle our seasonal marketing and promotional efforts, as well as to manage vendor and customer relations on Saturdays from May -Nov.

Experience in marketing, social media, and computer skills is required.


The manager ensures that market days run smoothly by handling set up and take down, scheduling vendors, entertainment, and special events.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Saturday market management 7:15-1pm

  • Open equipment shed and porta-potty

  • Set up manager's table, white board

  • Post signs and traffic cones

  • Manage vendor location map, day vendors, guest booths, musicians

  • Manage volunteers

  • Distribute raffle tickets, manage the raffle

  • Manage SNAP and other supplement programs (distribute tokens, collect info for end-of-day reporting)

  • Manage social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) 

  • End of day take-down

Mid-week market management

  • Manage social media accounts

  • Update spreadsheets for food supplement programs

  • Handle market email (from vendors, customers, etc.)

  • Coordinate volunteers

  • Plan and promote special events

  • Communicate with town and represent the KFM market in applicable town meetings

Off-season duties

  • Manage social media

  • Vendor recruitment

  • Handle market email (from vendors, customers, etc.)

  • Attend annual meeting (February)

Compensation is negotiated annually with the steering committee and approved by the membership.

                    If interested, please fill out our application and we will be in touch!

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